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Industrial cleaning

Cleaning professionals in various industrial segments.

About the company

IB REIN was established in 1994 and ever since we have been working in the field of cleaning services. We are a family company focusing on giving the maximum attention to detail at work. Details are of paramount importance for quality.

In our portfolio, you will find specific cleaning and blasting services that are environmentally friendly. We have bet our efforts, experience and courage on water jet and dry ice cleaning services. We provide for cleanliness in cities, municipalities and the whole community at large. We offer many professional services to industrial companies to enable them to use their tools, equipment and processes more efficiently. We focus our efforts on solar panels, which we clean as ecologically as possible. You can find us wherever very heavy pollution is concerned. Difficult cleaning tasks are our calling. 

We operate in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. 

Areas of application

  • Construction
  • Chemical industry
  • Power engineering
  • Municipal sphere
  • Mechanical engineering industry
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Refinery
  • Shipbuilding industry
Here is a small illustration of our professional cleaning service on industrial buildings: